The Worlds First and Only Metal Free Cartridge.

Child Proof Cartridge Package

Packaged in Certified Child Proof Containers.


High Value Solution 

The cannabis industry’s first truly airtight, resealable, child-resistant packaging line plus inventory management system.


  Our aesthetic products combine incredible affordability with more benefits than any other marijuana packaging. 


Flower Containers come in four sizes to satisfy your cannabis packaging needs:

 145D holds 28 grams of flower 

 45D holds 7-10 grams of flower 

 25D holds 3.5-5 grams of flower 

 15D holds 1-2 grams of flower 


Packaging Your Customers Will Love

The base of our containers fits seamlessly in our tray system for stacking and transporting, and nu

F.D.A Approved Materials & Food Grade Quality

Food Grade Product


Make your container unique


 The MF1000 Package

Customized  branding from top to bottom.

Make your container unique

Your branded Containers are advertisements wherever they go.  

FDA Approved Materials


Concentrate Containers

Air Tight Seal


 Our unique, air-tight seal ensures product stays as fresh as the day it was packaged, while the pre-formed FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) anti-stick liner and multi-shot TPE gasket keep terpenes well-preserved. 

Concentrate Container


 The only glass jar designed specifically for cannabis concentrates.

Meet the First-Ever Square-Neck Production Glass for Concentrates.

Square is the perfect


 Square is the perfect shape for extracts containers: easier to hold and easier to open, with no internal shoulder for product to get stuck under. 

A Novel Square Neck


 Square is the perfect shape for extracts containers: easier to hold and easier to open, with no internal shoulder for product to get stuck under. 

Dimension: (Inner)1.1" x 1.1" x 0.45" Our 7 ML container is optimized for 0.5-1 gram

Get Every Last Bit


 The internal geometry of our Concentrate Container is designed to help your customers get every last bit of the product they paid for. Calyx Tip: remove the liner from the lid, throw it in the freezer, and flex the membrane to access the re-solidified concentrates. 

Child Resistent Packaging For Your MF1000

Flexible Labeling

 Since marijuana packaging laws differ from market to market, We offers customized labeling solutions for clients across the Globe to help you comply with state-specific statutes and enhance your branding. 

Metal free vape cartridges, Heavy Metals tested

Removable Shrink Sleeves

 While we do produce transparent containers for our Metal free vape cartridges , numerous states' legislation makes opacity mandatory. 

That’s why we provide optional tearaway shrink sleeves, so your customers can benefit from our transparent packaging while your business complies with opacity requirements. Heavy Metals tested QR code will also be displayed. 

Pre-Applied Labels

 All of our labels can be custom printed and applied to keep your operations compliant.

The Metal free vape cartridges can be visible through a window in your label plus the QR Code will direct us to the Heavy Metals tested results.

Inventory Management Transformed

 Our Containers lock into corresponding trays to form a functional, synergized system for the smart and effective operation of your marijuana dispensary or wholesale business. 

Manufactured from durable materials for optimal utility and longevity. The Metal free vape cartridges which is Heavy Metals tested will be in our Food Grade Container which is made of F.D.A Approved Materials.


The Future in Cartridge and Packaging


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